One Piece Episode 767
A Volatile Situation! The Dog and the Cat and the Samurai! sub

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Aired 3 years ago
Updated November 22, 2020 · 22.5k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/iilzara 路 8 months ago
shock i didn't expect it
u/sasukeboss75 路 7 months ago
me too
u/Deadshot9k 路 7 months ago
Wait wtf 馃槰 well didn鈥檛 see that coming ....
u/Dxnysh 路 6 months ago
welp that gives me goosebumps
u/kurumatani-kun 路 6 months ago
biggest plot twist
u/Biraj_Parajuli 路 6 months ago
i was afraid i thought i won't be able to see that moment so i thought i will skip this episode but i never expected that馃く鉂
u/ahhjeirofmrfj 路 4 months ago
title card 04:13
u/un_sxtisfied 路 2 months ago
when they started marching, i knew something was coming. this reminds me of ennies lobby arc
u/r3tr0_27 路 4 weeks ago
WHOAAA, did not see that coming! Ijjaathi romanjification! Literal chills!
u/Valefor_ 路 6 months ago
u/Valefor_ 路 6 months ago
u/AmimeAshley14 路 5 months ago
Whooop! Is anyone already playing 馃敒Game for adults ?=) searching for 馃憣馃憟 parther! My character name is jessinside20
u/quinkboi 路 5 months ago
wow didn't expect that
u/DekuxUraraka 路 5 months ago
there was a RAIZO???
u/DirtyDanielVA 路 4 weeks ago
Comment spoilers on the next episode not the one that things happen, doofus.
u/MajinGo 路 5 months ago
u/MajinGo 路 5 months ago
respect That's true nakama right there
u/JKCLICK 路 5 months ago
Minks are such good people
u/sirus 路 5 months ago
Ussop got no chills
u/dfgcjafkx0qxzvy 路 4 months ago
nani the fuck
u/Sh29 路 4 months ago
didn't expect that at all, but I like them so much more now