One Piece Episode 887
An Explosive Situation! Two Emperors of the Sea Going After Luffy! sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/Sunny649 · 1 year ago
Well...this really confirmed it...not only amounts Sengoku...but even the Gorosei...Shanks is the most respected Pirate of all Pirates.... "BECAUSE it's you" I'll allow you to make a proper funeral for the two, and "BECAUSE it's you" we made time for you to talk, even though it's the time for the Reverie.
u/Hoodedbeastie · 1 year ago
Shanks talking to the highest authorities in the government?!
u/About37Mexicans · 1 year ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Greep · 1 year ago
I wish they could just take a break instead of all these fillers
u/saurabh · 1 year ago
This episode has flashbacks too but i kinda loved this episode..Its like they are trying to make a legend out of Luffy slowly but surely...i hope Luffy kicks both Emperor's ass in wano country.
u/Tenny · 1 year ago
From the comments I can assume this is not a recap and if it is not I thank all the gods of this planet
u/Sunny649 · 1 year ago
Well...actual Wano Arc is starting on July 7th. So 4 more weeks until this Reverie+Flashbacks Arc is done.
u/BlackPanda · 1 year ago
Poor kuma, got him on his hands an knees carrying around a celestial dragon smh, hopefully the next ep should be the last filler ep an then its the wano arc...hopefully
u/TheSupremeKing · 1 year ago
Lets not forget about Giant Luffy people
u/Diavolo · 1 year ago
u/ThePoog · 1 year ago
Is this the official translation?
I heard the name for the group that Big Mum and Kaidou used to belong is called "ROCKS" and not "ROX"
u/sonipt · 1 year ago
I hope luffy kicks their both their asses. And more screentime for Garp, Shanks and BB.
u/otakuking22 · 1 year ago
Ahhh yes finally up todate on one piece now for the other anime's
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 6 months ago
what does this mean i can't understand🤯
u/Tanvi · 5 months ago
fck...why that recap again?? those were just previous arc...🤬🤬
u/Nirqvth · 3 months ago
shanks the man with the plan
u/Nirqvth · 3 months ago
shanks the man with the plan
u/Nirqvth · 3 months ago
shanks the man with the plan
u/Nirqvth · 3 months ago
shanks the man with the plan
u/trinitydessyna · 1 month ago
this translation is wrong. it "Rocks
u/trinitydessyna · 1 month ago
this translation is wrong its "Rocks" as in Rocks D. Xebec the crew that Big Mom & Kaido were apart of.