One Piece Episode 893
Otama Appears! Luffy vs. Kaido's Army! sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/SashaElizabeth · 1 year ago
This chapter is already beyond amazing! I'm super excited as for all that's to come next I can't wait! Whos with me?(:
u/TerribleTroy · 1 year ago
me to bro. i feel like im on the journey with them
u/Charis_Dracula27 · 1 year ago
You know, to be fair, Zoro technically didn't do anything wrong. Yes, he went on a rampage, but how would it look if he died for someone else's wrongdoing? He outright told them which way the slasher went, and they still arrested him. So, can we really place all the blame on him?
u/ROSHAN · 1 year ago
great episode
u/Nikami · 1 year ago
hearing otama call him big brother ;(
u/OnePieceYEET · 1 year ago
Why TF they send a small beam to work in a brothel
u/Nipah-forever · 1 year ago
Tama-chan is so cute~ (.^ ^.)
u/Xubin · 1 year ago
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u/Xubin · 1 year ago
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u/Kuso · 1 year ago
she's the cutest
u/stoez · 7 months ago
zoro exposed the real slasher 🤦‍♂️
u/furmom · 7 months ago
title card 4:24
u/HAMZO · 6 months ago
the animation 😍
u/Dxnysh · 6 months ago
now zoro is back.. this gonna be lit💯🔥
u/Vortex819 · 6 months ago
soon we will reach the end :D
u/Vortex819 · 6 months ago
soon we will reach the end :D
u/Vortex819 · 6 months ago
zoro is the coolest and the deadliest character
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 6 months ago
u/DekuxUraraka · 5 months ago
its so cute luffy not liking someone else call him big brother because of Ace and Sabo
u/Fallen01 · 4 months ago
I've been asking this question to Myself since they arrive in Wano when i was reading the manga...What if Otama uses her DF to Kaido? will she be able to tame him XD? It worked on Speed who is half man half horse and if my memory is correct it also worked on the guy who has a lion? on his belly. and all the beast pirates are all half animals so it would work if she tames them right? But it won't work on big mom since she's a monster not a beast.
u/AmimeSophia20 · 1 week ago
I­s an­yo­n­e­ p­l­a­y­i­n­g­­­ S­e­­x­-­Ani­­m­e 🔞Game https://hent­ ?=) searching for 👌👈 mate! :)