One Piece Episode 915
Destructive! One Shot, One Kill: Thunder Bagua! sub

4.6 (5004 votes)
Aired 11 months ago
Updated November 22, 2020 · 33k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/kreaon 路 11 months ago
i muss admit that was an realy Epick fight get 11/10 points. but i still cant bring my self to watch thous all around Storys from One Piece i dont want to be rude but some how they lack the tension to atrackt me to watch it . but still when it comes to the main fights it never let us down always full of emotions and surprises !! all in one i think it its a realy good Anime !!
u/Zombieotaku 路 11 months ago
damn Kaido is an awakening zoan devil fruit user馃槺
u/Jasonanime 路 11 months ago
hmm.. kaido and luffy got "X" scar on their chest..
u/Snps 路 11 months ago
That's where the treasure is since X marks the spot. The treasure being friendship.
u/shridhar 路 11 months ago
Luffy: Kaaaiidoooooooooo
u/KristianYM 路 11 months ago
Goku has been teaching Luffy instant transmission I see
u/willym 路 11 months ago
u/Zombieotaku 路 11 months ago
damn Kaido is an awakening zoan devil fruit user馃槺
u/mohamedn691206 路 11 months ago
damn! this episode was intense.
u/Copic 路 11 months ago
Kaido tanked a King Kong Gun and he didnt even use haki to protect himself :)
u/sonipt 路 11 months ago
Ooh!! Finally entering the prison part in Wano. Can't wait!! Next episode's going to be dope!
u/khaleesium 路 11 months ago
take a shot every time luffy yells KAIDOO
u/stoez 路 7 months ago
I heard he got bellamied but tbh he landed some good shots
u/its_yijunwu 路 11 months ago
Luffy's first lost! *0*
u/DvHunta 路 11 months ago
technically he lost at saboady and at the war at marineford
u/Copic 路 11 months ago
he lost vs crocodile too lol, this is just the first fight out or 2 or 3
u/Risk 路 11 months ago
luffy his haki not so the next level he need more training can fighting kaido who read manga know ^^
u/aeoxshin 路 11 months ago
even if he reach the next level of his haki or even he has his awakening in this arc I doubt that Luffy was already capable of defeating a Younko by himself, because his still not on a Younko level yet, because the gap between them was so far even if Luffy's completed his new training.
u/aeoxshin 路 11 months ago
LoL you should at least know that most of Luffy's battle he always lost to his enemy and win he'll win against them later this was also common in all of One Piece movies.
u/devilQ 路 11 months ago
fight with katakuri all over again or to be accurate it feels like I'm watching fairy tail no depth in the fights, one piece loosing its touch
u/Copic 路 11 months ago
shut it retard, its calling 'building up for the last fight of the arc'
u/keisukemito 路 11 months ago
This fight shouldn't have lasted this long.. The anime stretched the battle so far it made luffy seem yonkou level.
u/lasoSx 路 10 months ago
im pretty sure kaido let luffy hit him but when he found out that luffy was weaker than he had thought he just THUNDER BAGUA!d hiim
u/happy_villager 路 11 months ago
Could you please change the cover?
u/Juvio 路 11 months ago
kisama no kobushi dato kadi nimo kinanwae!
u/ChiChi 路 11 months ago
another long battle yet to come
u/jarvee 路 10 months ago jump to 0:56 shanks has 2 arm wtf
u/jarvee 路 10 months ago