One Piece Episode 151
100 Million Man! World's Greatest Power and Pirate Black Beard! sub

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Aired 17 years ago
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u/Lightningra 路 11 months ago
Lmao get destroyed Bellamy
u/A_sta_ 路 6 months ago
Bellammy was so cocky I laughed so hard when he got beaten up
u/spydyr 路 4 months ago
Top 10 best one punk KOs in anime history. 馃榿
u/stoez 路 3 months ago
blackbeard looks like a pear
u/Biraj_Parajuli 路 2 months ago
whitebeard is like a giant馃槀馃槀
u/Kyle21 路 1 month ago
and this is why i love thid anime when luffy gets serious consider yourself dead.
u/jabased 路 6 months ago
u/otaku669 路 3 months ago
u/stoez 路 3 months ago
I'm dying of laughter how he said 'so long strawhat' hahah
u/hbzx 路 3 months ago
u/mimic007 路 2 months ago
boi do I love this episode 馃槏
u/Jewel_Wildmoon 路 2 months ago

Luffy: Hold my hat

u/Kurtoon 路 1 month ago
I wonder what shanks power is?
u/Kurtoon 路 1 month ago
so satisfying
u/ramonherrera1214 路 1 month ago
That was satisfying
u/lulTim 路 1 month ago
shanks dosent have a devil fruit he uses a sword tho at least I think btw I'm ep 400's so I'm not 100% sure
u/Nidhish 路 3 weeks ago
One of the best moments till now 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
u/Nidhish 路 3 weeks ago
White beard doesn't have a beard
u/Wahhaj001 路 2 weeks ago
Lmao it's so funny how Bellamy was talking shit then he got fucked up USING ONE PUNCH ONLY LOL
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