One Piece Episode 895
Side Story! The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter, Cidre! sub

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Aired 11 months ago
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u/KranZups · 11 months ago
u/abas2 · 11 months ago
its a promotion for their new movie
u/Aksthegamer · 11 months ago
ye thw new mob=vie bout the pirate fest im guessung
u/KranZups · 11 months ago
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u/suhdude42 · 11 months ago
boa still has a nice plot
u/E_Ronde · 11 months ago
Luffy had at least 3 opportunities to use his ultimate fodder remover technique in this episode alone. Why did he not use it?
I know it's used for hype, but still. The Sunny got damaged just because they wanted it to be damaged at this point.
u/AeonMatt · 11 months ago
Toei also now seeing how Luffy is in the manga, he has OD Observation Haki now he don't do fodder anymore yet they make him charge head on and that stupid cola canon hits him lol
Filler logic is stupid.
u/Aksthegamer · 11 months ago
u/TheSupremeKing · 11 months ago
lol luffy and Boa Hancock, funny everytime ^~^
u/Woethebro · 11 months ago
man i was hyped for a filler man wasn't there already enough fillers
u/TazKidNoah · 11 months ago
to think that Boa was at Wano....
u/Koh28 · 11 months ago
When would this even have happened? lol Franky's got the Wano outfit on. Some of these movie episodes have been iffy with when they fit in but this one was very badly placed.
u/KarfinBaki · 11 months ago
i'm guessing after Wano cause the whole cake island injuries on luffy have healed but he still has a wrap on his stomach so that must be from his Kaido fight
u/Sunny649 · 11 months ago
Oi...this is pretty normal if you've been following One Piece for long enough...when there's a new Movie coming they're guaranteed to make some episodes that promotes the Movie. And this is one of them!
u/badagrung · 11 months ago
Studio intro: 00:00 -> 00:10
Opening: 00:10 -> 02:10
Title Card: 03:01 -> 03:09

This is a filler episode. It's a promo for the new One Piece movie.
u/Goku1516 · 1 week ago
pls fix it wony load