One Piece Episode 900
The Greatest Day of My Life! Otama and Her Sweet Red-bean Soup! sub

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Aired 10 months ago
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u/Xubin · 10 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Omidoggo · 10 months ago
Im only not disliking cus you have a uno reverse card pic.
u/Snps · 10 months ago
I like One Piece right? But it just seems like a lot of wasted time. You know?
u/Omidoggo · 10 months ago
ye like when zoro was deflecting the arrows and the cameras kept looking at that big ear dumbo guy and then looking at zoro,that shit wasted like 30 seconds.But in honestly the arts gotten way better.
u/kanyin1100 · 10 months ago
i started wondering how many arrows he had
u/kanyin1100 · 10 months ago
i started wondering how many arrows he had
u/Legeis · 10 months ago
But it’s always had a lot of waisted time.... I’m pretty sure that’s one of the only reasons they can pump out so many episodes. It’s pretty common in super mainstream shonen tbh.
u/kubongaming · 10 months ago
All luffy has to do is go gear second and that would've been a done deal, but no, they had to drag it out
u/Anime4Life · 10 months ago
Otami feet 9:22,12:13
u/l2bunny · 10 months ago
a love one piece, i really do but i cant follow this story at all
like how come luffy is weak against a fat bat nigga but can handle another nigga with a bounty of more than a billion
this id just pure juju
u/cYpxHSx · 10 months ago
Oh nice, 900th episode, now 100 left for 1000th
u/Akrui · 10 months ago
fourth(Atleast I didnt say first :D)
u/DogEaters2019 · 10 months ago
Am I the only one with a feet obsession over smol feet.
u/skeletzwe · 10 months ago
when will there be better quality?
u/critx09 · 10 months ago
What a waste of fcking episode
u/critx09 · 10 months ago
What a waste of madafckin episode...
u/Rona · 10 months ago
Gucci episode. 👌
u/Rona · 10 months ago
Gucci episode. 👌
u/Anulackk · 10 months ago
looks like movie , love graphic
u/ANIME_GOAT · 6 months ago
I swear every anime instead of doing something they yell their name
u/stoez · 2 months ago
ep 900 almost caught up
u/furmom · 2 months ago
I made it episode 900
u/capitals · 2 months ago
Look at me at ep 900 who wouldve thought
u/Dxnysh · 1 month ago
900th.. this took some time
u/Dxnysh · 1 month ago
is it dragged too in the manga?