One Piece Episode 385
Halfway Across the Grand Line! Arrival at the Red Line! sub

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Aired 11 years ago
Updated October 18, 2020 · 29.4k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/zar · 5 months ago
why have all the comments died tho
u/CHOPPER · 5 months ago
maybe they gave up or skipped and go to 900 ep HAHAHA
u/Scorpion97 · 3 months ago
i dunno
u/smk18 · 4 months ago
probably cuz the past 2 episodes were filler
u/StormDragon · 1 month ago
Yh prob cos of the past fillers I just go onto Google and type in one piece fillers and filler arcs and just skip em
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