One Piece Episode 671
Defeat Sugar! The Army of the Little People Charges! sub

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Aired 5 years ago
Updated October 18, 2020 · 24.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/shukri_m16 · 5 months ago
that trebol guy looks so ugly and annoying
u/markjhofrd · 4 months ago
ussop is useless
u/Kurtoon · 4 months ago
usopp is so overpowered. i think he will beat saitama in terms of IQ, Power and speed. i wonder how usopp became so much strong and brave. usopp is definitely one of my favorite out of all the strawhats. you see how he did everything when the small people attacked? he almost killed the villan kid. God so overpowered goku doesn't stand a chance
u/astreyddd · 2 months ago
title card 6:06
u/astreyddd · 2 months ago
title card 6:06
u/Kurtoon · 4 months ago
wait i know some kids will take this seriously because some of you are just dumb but i meant the opposite. sarcasm
u/Sh29 · 3 months ago
what did Usopp do for those 2 years? get some new attacks and an outfit and that's it?
u/DeltaDice · 3 months ago
just wait till you see ussop use observation haki
u/prajwal12 · 3 weeks ago
annoying usopp