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Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta... Episode 11
TV Series dub

4.6 (311 votes)
Updated June 16, 2020 · 10.7k Views


u/coserdexor 路 3 weeks ago
lol the prince finally got his kiss
u/xXRoyalKnight5 路 3 weeks ago
NGL This was such a sad ep :(
u/IAmGreatest 路 3 weeks ago
just me or does everyone laugh about that guy's name?
u/Shichibukai7 路 3 weeks ago
I really don't like seeing everyone so sad it broke my heart 馃槩

But Geordo yo, kissing someone who is unconscious isn't okay you know, it's creepy af. I was glad Alan FINALLY admitted his feelings but Nichol is my best boi 馃ぃ

Acchan 馃槶 I'm so glad you're Sophia, you and Catarina can be together in this world now 馃檹馃檹馃槶

Anyway I wasn't expecting the serious turn this has taken and I don't hate it 馃憣馃憣
u/MundaneUsername 路 3 weeks ago
The kiss is morally wrong. Medically speaking, it's stupid. If someone is unconscious, you don't pour water in their mouth they might aspirate.
u/Athy 路 3 weeks ago
Yay a new ep!!!!!!
u/coserdexor 路 3 weeks ago
lol the prince finally got his kiss
u/Athy 路 3 weeks ago
Ok I take it back, this is possibly the best ep in the series
u/akmal93 路 3 weeks ago
must be hard being acchan. friends love always win
u/the_tiny_dragon 路 3 weeks ago
u/Valaear 路 3 weeks ago
Acchan... being a childhood friend is suffering.
u/zaky24 路 3 weeks ago
am im the only whan that cried here?
u/HolyMoly 路 3 weeks ago
is aachan dead?
u/aeoxshin 路 3 weeks ago
Probably, since she's reincarnated as Sophia, its just that she will not retain her memory as Acchan after becoming Sophia thats why she's saying goodbye.
u/Unneverseen 路 3 weeks ago
maybe if sophia got a good smack in the head she will get her memory back just like katarina
u/N0NA 路 3 weeks ago
y it always ends at the best part
u/XNTOL 路 3 weeks ago
Dang, this is good
u/Hazard 路 3 weeks ago
Someone needs to tell that prince that nonconsensual kissing makes him the worst trash.
He could have used a vessel like the maid was using. What a nasty, creepy dude.
u/aeoxshin 路 3 weeks ago
Seeing the prince kissing Katarina while asleep was the worst since I'm not a fan of him, since I'm rooting a for yuri route, because if I find a cute character I hate it having a relationship with a dude cause it ruins her character thats why I go for yuri route.
u/natsukinatsuki2 路 3 weeks ago
first kiss for?
u/horiwalk 路 3 weeks ago
damn, that maid and prince trying to kill her
u/scarfox2 路 3 weeks ago
Good episode can't wait for next episode! but you know what saddened me is that this anime is also coming to an end..
u/Dxnysh 路 2 weeks ago
serious diek馃槀
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