Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta... Episode 3
Met a Beautiful Brother and Sister... dub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/Shichibukai7 路 2 months ago
This has been yet another episode of Who Will Fall in Love with Caterina Next?! Next week we will officially begin the Otome Game! (If I had to play this game, you know I'd be all over Nichol 馃槏)
u/HollowVirus 路 2 months ago
imagine writing first
u/xXRoyalKnight5 路 2 months ago
I will always write first -_-
u/hidekielixir 路 2 months ago
2nd to comment 馃榿
u/Sc4rlet0909 路 2 months ago
3rd lol
u/Sc4rlet0909 路 2 months ago
3rd lol
u/Lightningra 路 2 months ago
4th yo
u/DoctorAn1me 路 2 months ago
i love this anime so much! the anticipation is killing me 馃槶
u/iHina 路 2 months ago
Yess so excited for the next ep all the babies are grown now but still are babies nonetheless
u/RetchiWoltrax 路 2 months ago
Love it, can't help it but read the manga. My favorite isekai, (for now(i think)) love how the story is going. Also i though they will all have more cute voices, i looked forward for Sophia and Mary/Maria (not sure). Also ending reminds me of Sword Art Online.
u/Aramanela 路 2 months ago
I feel like they are all gone fall in love with her
u/geek 路 2 months ago
is the subtitles messing up for anyone else?
u/dakimomoe 路 2 months ago
i cant wait for her to meet the game's MC
u/drmemespoon 路 2 months ago
I think the town girl rival is going to take the "catarina path" and try to get with her, I mean that makes the most sense. I wonder if my predictions are correct
u/Bladereaper 路 2 months ago
The yuri route officially opens
AaA- I want it to update alreadyy! Can't wait!
u/Chocibunny 路 2 months ago
So happy this got an anime now we can all hear bakatrina fall into misunderstandings XD
u/mirani 路 2 months ago
The reverse harem is so cute
u/BreadsworthJones 路 2 months ago
ok now this I like
u/Hackboianime 路 2 months ago
Keith straight up called the prince a bug lmfao
u/hj822584 路 2 months ago
girl脳girl LOL
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