Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan Episode 9
Peter Grill and the Treaty's Aftermath sub

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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/asidender · 3 weeks ago
At This point peter is just getting raped I’m actually scared for his well-being
u/hamsetro · 3 weeks ago
So Zenitsu after cutting his hair became the strongest warrior and every kind of woman want his juice ... Interesting
u/TERIMAKI · 12 hours ago
i liked that so much lmao
u/manuelzxc · 3 weeks ago
cannot be played sad :((
u/JEFFTHEBOY · 3 weeks ago
Thots are temporary but DOOM is ETERNAL
u/scarfox2 · 3 weeks ago
If they breath. They are thotttttttttttt!!
u/umut508 · 3 weeks ago
just kill the thots and hide the bodys
u/umut508 · 3 weeks ago
ım just fucking pissed there are number of options to get rid of all the girls
u/Lucksabino · 2 weeks ago
as the episodes passes, the aniem kepps getting worse. =( So sad, I had high hopes
u/bigfrosty18 · 2 weeks ago
hopefully it gets better