Pokemon (2019) Episode 20
Go Towards Your Dream! Ash and Go!! sub

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Aired 3 months ago
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u/Fe16 · 3 months ago
do these fools not know his alola champion?
u/Yuuidai · 3 months ago
Is it me or is Ash's pokedex voiced by Takehito Koyasu.
u/PusseyDonn · 3 months ago
Animeultime u are like 24 hours late u know? I know u need time but this ep came out in sunday 6 pm yesterday and on ur site it says that the release date of the ep is at sunday 8 pm. I waited whole day for this....
u/YJwinder0125 · 3 months ago
ash just watching pidgeot and not remembering his own
u/Jamkoo · 3 months ago
why ash always use that useless pikachu and not dragonite or gengar
u/A_Weeb0507 · 2 months ago
ash pikachu is not useless
u/bhojwani_lobstr · 3 weeks ago
dude Pikachu beat a titan in last season how can you call it useless