Pokemon (2019) Episode 16
Ash Has Been Cursed...! sub

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Aired 6 months ago
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u/AdSJB · 6 months ago
So, are they just... Not gonna use the girl in this show? Like, at all? She's in the intro and everything and so I thought it safe to assume maybe she'd come along on some adventures here and then... But not even a single one? Really? Seems like a waste to have her sitting around at the labs while Go and Ash go on worldwide adventures.
u/heeheepeepee · 3 months ago
I assume she'll join the party when Go is more experienced with pokemon battling and stuff. For now, she's just a side character, I do hope she joins tho.
u/Sunny649 · 6 months ago
At this rate Satoshi is going to catch 2 more Kanto Pokémons to get a full Kanto Party again xD Pikachu, Mr. Mine (Barriard), Dragonite (Kairyuu), Gengar (Gängar).. Which two next is the question.. But... he'll most likely catch at least an evolved one or one which doesn't evolve. Golem? Rhydon? Kangaskhan? Machamp? Nidoking/queen? Arcanine? Unexpected Clefable?! Who knows xD
u/animechanuu · 3 months ago
gengar really said 😁👉👈
u/Aster · 6 months ago
Kinda hoped it was that haunter from season 1
u/Emperor_Kweh · 6 months ago
i guess this is giving us what we wanted many years ago, if ash had that haunter that would had be an interesting partner but I guess since they didn't know how to go about ghost types in gen 1 without shadow ball it would had been harder
u/Hyprepr · 6 months ago
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u/Red_Blizzard · 5 months ago
was the gengar that are the apple a reference to death note?
u/AmimeAlexia21 · 3 weeks ago
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