Pokemon (2019) Episode 1
Enter Pikachu! sub

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Aired 11 months ago
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u/HopBun · 11 months ago
SOooooo ASH keep getting young at this point until he a baby i guess
u/MrMountain · 11 months ago
It is because they want to target a younger audience obviously :)
u/kreaon · 11 months ago
its all about the money ! invest for theyr future ;D
u/Xeenile · 11 months ago
where is Serena?
u/Sunny649 · 11 months ago
Don't think this is the same "camp" thing Serena was at too, because when Satoshi/Ash and Serena met, He wasn't late and was present. Here at the other hand, he overslept and thus missed the event.
u/Me3 · 11 months ago
I haven't watched it yet, but if this is a retelling of how ash got pikachu you won't see her. This is before misty.
u/FAT_N1G0HRZ · 11 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/BeWaReJay · 11 months ago
I swear the voice actor of Go is almost in every 2018-19 anime
u/Sunny649 · 11 months ago
D= So this means we still don't exactly know why Pikachu came to hate Human at first?! And how Oak got Pikachu in the first place... But it was nice background story!! Hope Pikachu get to see the two again someday!!!
u/FAT_N1G0HRZ · 11 months ago
Well what i'm thinking is that pikachu wanted to roam freely but was caught by human which is not what he wanted. Or at least thats what i think
u/ZephTheReaper64 · 11 months ago
When i heard the first pikachu, i felt that
u/Emperor_Kweh · 11 months ago
ight lets hope they will age this time.
u/Asu-ka · 11 months ago
i hear mafumafu and soraru
u/StarKittyUnicorn · 9 months ago
u/unfairr · 11 months ago
I dunno but.. I'm not really exicited about this rebranding stuff
u/Andri011 · 11 months ago
Why can´t they just replace this with pkmn adventures already!
u/RamboManKyle · 5 months ago
pkmn adventures is too hardcore compared to this kiddy stuff they keep chugging out year after year
u/BeWaReJay · 11 months ago
Oh shit I think the voice actor of Go plays Deku from MHA
u/madbull34 · 11 months ago
Gotta enslave them all.... I mean catch them all to fight for my glory.... I mean our glory.... Yea.... that's it.
u/chabandou · 11 months ago
No characters from the games so far, Maybe they're trying to keep away from them on purpose b/c it's a different time, Hopefully will see young Leon and Sonia doing their Gym challenge!
u/Entity17 · 11 months ago
That was fun. The art direction isn't as jarring as I thought it would be.
u/SWeeboii · 11 months ago
This explains why Ash is so stupid
u/Kazzak · 11 months ago
it's only a matter of time until some rule 34 shit gets on the internet.
u/Me3 · 11 months ago
The alternate name is pocket monsters. Wasn't that on pornhub?
u/Lamsect · 11 months ago
hope its not some school shit
u/D1AnimeBoy · 11 months ago
don't worry it's not.
u/TheOne · 11 months ago
i never though that we have a triple remake
u/agdriel · 11 months ago
is ash still the same ash we all know and love or is he a completely new and different person
u/Yogesh2007 · 5 months ago
He is the same Ash because they show all is achievements and badges from the past like the champion trophy from Alola and the The Royal Mask trophy also.
u/Gtgold · 11 months ago
oh brother seeing ash young again i think that there must be different ash in the universe or they just want more little kids to watch Pokemon and keep doing it Intel it kills there rating when it come to that time they have to change there way of doing it and they will have to think of new ideas to start with pokemon like for one use new characters
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