Pokemon (2019) Episode 2
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Aired 1 year ago
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u/AdSJB · 1 year ago
Wait, the girl saw Ash burnt to a crisp and her electric dog right near him. Clearly her dog did that so she just treats him like a weirdo for being electrocuted? Wouldn't you wanna apologize or something? First impression, horrible girl. Dislike her.
u/kathycherry · 1 year ago
same she seems so pretentious. shy/introverted or not she shouldn't treat people that way
u/KittyChan1 · 3 months ago
y'all uncultured asf -_-
u/AdSJB · 1 year ago
Did- Did they just translate Pikachu's noise?!
When did this start happening? Did subs always do this?!
All we hear is Pika Pika with different tones in Dubs. :o
u/xXSurgeXx · 1 year ago
I think that was his mom talking over the top of Pikachu, would be quite interesting if that were the case XD
u/Keplite · 1 year ago
Smh that was Satoshi's mom
u/AdSJB · 11 months ago
Ohhhhhh! Arceus, I couldn't tell.
I didn't hear the voice lol. Thanks.
u/Naganadelle · 1 year ago
The fact that it's Soraru and Mafumafu who are singing the Opening of this season, got me hyped as Fu-
u/OnlyGraD · 1 year ago
omg no wayyy! I literally just started getting into them yesterday omg xD
u/Funner · 1 year ago
Am I really the first?
u/Kai23 · 1 year ago
i like the pokerap even tho it aint good has season 1
u/Sunny649 · 1 year ago
The good old Snorlax/Kabigon blocking the way! x'D
u/Jadiac5 · 1 year ago
ah shit
Prepare for trouble and make it double
u/Lagshan · 1 year ago
bring back THE OG stuborn charazard that ash had
u/OkBoomer · 1 year ago
Take in to consideration that Satoshi means born from the ashes.
u/Anni · 1 year ago
Gou's voice = Deku's voice
u/gigaboltgamer · 1 year ago
im not understanding why all the names have been changed, and it hurts not knowing why.
u/Keplite · 1 year ago
Names are NOT changed, it's called original names, if you had no idea. Also the anime is in Japanese, you expect it to be the same as English dubbed?
u/gigaboltgamer · 1 year ago
is it because its sub and not dub?
u/Misdak · 1 year ago
It is. The dub ver. changes the names for them to make sense in english, as the original does in japanese
u/SDBonds1234 · 1 year ago
let me get this straight the restarting all of pokemon just to have ash's named changed to satoshi. which is also a bad name for ash.
u/scoot0809 · 1 year ago
actually, ash's name is only ash in english, in japan, since season 1, it has been satoshi, cause of the name of the creator of the series, satoshi tajiri
u/Keplite · 1 year ago
Tbh you shouldn't even be here, go to your dubbed ASH, leave the original alone. It's been Satoshi for years and you're complaining now?
u/Luz_Anime_Lover · 11 months ago
Hey dude calm down I watch sub but that doesn't mean that I watched pokemon sub when I was a little kid but now I do and I don't really care about the language that its in as long as I can understand it
u/Keplite · 1 year ago
Also it's not a restart, it's a new series, should be PRETTY OBVIOUS
u/xXSurgeXx · 1 year ago
This episode was literally just about Lugia flexing on everyone XD
u/SWeeboii · 1 year ago
Ash has always been called "Satoshi" so why are people so mad?
u/scoot0809 · 1 year ago
because they only know the dub, they never watched the subbed version. they're basically complaining about something they don't know about
u/Climbone · 1 year ago
Please dont let me be the only one who heard the White Whale from Re:zero
u/Djtrizzle · 1 year ago
Glad I'm not the only one here. The ending POKErap is great.
u/Keplite · 1 year ago
Smh the pokemons are named that way for years, don't know why people are dumb enough to complain and even think that it's a REMAKE, either go back to your dubbed English Pokemon and leave the ORIGINAL alone, or just shut, thanks.
u/Ferorius · 1 year ago
I aint gonna lie. I hate the current art style. Hated sun & moon as well...
u/Syrellaris · 1 year ago
I really wish Ash(Satoshi) would be a bit older this time around, instead they made him younger >
u/zunico · 11 months ago
One complaint of mine would be how they did not keep the connection of satoshi and lugia from one of the original movies.
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