Pokemon (2019) Episode 8
The Sinnoh Iceberg Race! sub

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Aired 8 months ago
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u/AdSJB · 8 months ago
I feel like Ash got turned into the side character just there to Brock-explain things during a gym battle or watch. Maybe this is them slowly weening Ash out of the series for good? Like, they knew peeps would be upset if Ash was just gone like that so they're having him stick around till some big sendoff happens at the end maybe?
u/AdSJB · 8 months ago
Also, I can't help but get mad every-time they say their Japanese names and correct them to the English one's out loud. I know those are the original names of them, but translated... They're just gobbledegoop. At least with our own versions it makes sense on what the Pokemon is based off of. A poisonous Frog? Crogunk. Gunk being liquid poison and Cro being Croak, which is- Well what noise a frog makes.
u/UltimateAngel · 8 months ago
this woman's voice is... discomforting at best.
u/Sunny649 · 8 months ago
Going to the Ho-Oh! Tower and his feather like in Gold/Silver khuh! :O?! Wonder if they'll encounter any old characters, since I'm sure Satoshi/Ash did visit that place during his Johto Journey... :-/
doubt it though... but we can hope next episode.
u/justaweeb · 8 months ago
idk why but i feel like ash is doing nothing
u/Lamsect · 8 months ago
its not a feeling, he actually isn't doing anything
u/bareca · 8 months ago
u/Deathpacito · 8 months ago
Piplup and Croagunk having a simp battle only to be out simped by a Psyduck
u/DabinCicada · 8 months ago
why is the new rap song just as good.as the first one?
u/wrahul123 · 8 months ago
there he 'GO'es playing pokemon 'GO' again
u/YanZhouLow · 8 months ago
Yep! Go inherited the gotta catch them all mission and Ash is Bella disappointment
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