Princess Connect! Re:Dive Episode 1
The Adventure Begins: Sauteed Mushrooms at Sunset sub

4.6 (191 votes)
Aired 3 months ago
Updated June 14, 2020 · 16.4k Views · by u/golgameth


u/gamientaints · 3 months ago
well I guess I'm just an isekai trash these days...
u/CYCLO_HELL · 2 months ago
Very Enjoyable
u/Bluekiller · 2 months ago
me: ooo a raw mushroom I'm eat it *picks up and eats it*
also me: I'm tripping balls ooo is that a flying horsecar
u/Anime_King_2004 · 1 month ago
It's sad that the MC is like this
u/Nastyjoin · 3 months ago
This looks great I remember seeing it as a thumbnail for those top 10 anime but it was a game back then so I'm so happy it's a anime now!!!
u/hajir · 3 months ago
This look average at least and I think imma enjoy it
u/heheboi · 3 months ago
u/SoIbashio · 3 months ago
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u/SoIbashio · 3 months ago
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u/N00 · 3 months ago
i feel like the effects are kinda similar to the effects for megumin's explosion attack
u/Zander · 3 months ago
why the hell did I get ice age vibes from the wolves xD
u/ыуат · 3 months ago
now this doesnt seem bad but it doesnt seem good either but ill still watch it because im an isekai trash watcher
u/TheHexagonFox620 · 2 months ago
why did i make myself suffer for 23 mins this anime is cliche and terrible
u/thee1brotherbear · 2 months ago
cat-girls with 2 sets of ears looks stupid and illogical, even for anime.
u/Athy · 2 months ago
i really hope this isnt a harem
u/Vortex819 · 2 months ago
waifu spotted :D
u/Dragonz · 2 months ago
u/sephiroth · 2 months ago
horrible, I feel violated for watching this
u/aeoxshin · 2 months ago
Anime Adaptation of a mobile game.
u/poololy5 · 2 months ago
pretty sure that some people from this anime will become wifus or best boy lol