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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2 Episode 9
Happiness Reflected on the Water's Surface dub

4.8 (251 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
Updated April 18, 2021 · 9.3k Views


u/TG_Rick · 1 month ago
there is some anime between these ads
u/_wateva_ · 1 month ago
uBlock Origin takes care of that..
u/golgameth · 1 month ago
seems GG hickuped and added the wrong episode, should be fixed now.
rest of the mirrors were displaying the correct episode tho.
u/ImJustin · 1 month ago
all good, modmail works well. :)
u/canoca1923 · 1 month ago
Am I the only one that never has a problem playing these?
u/golgameth · 1 month ago
it's usually people who continue to use the old dead app that have issues. lol
u/Chilli_Gamer · 1 month ago
a reuplod?
u/BlueRoyalT · 1 month ago
change the faststream player to something else
u/Lunarturtles · 1 month ago
isn't this an old ep?
u/Aksel · 1 month ago
yes it was but it got fixed
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