Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2 Episode 6
The Permafrost of Elior Forest dub

4.8 (254 votes)
Aired 3 months ago
Updated May 13, 2021 · 12.2k Views · by u/golgameth


u/Greatmarine3 · 3 months ago
good episode
u/x_xcrypt0manx_x · 3 months ago
yea absolutely
u/sdevil · 3 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Sliro · 3 months ago
At last, The opening is here
u/Switzguy · 2 months ago
Video reported for making me cry ;-;
u/Emperor_Kweh · 3 months ago
ah yes my pc bsod as soon as guse atked emilia's mother.. wonderful timing
u/Sunny649 · 3 months ago
and this marks the farewell of Suzuki Konomi's Realize for real which was just playing on the background until now... 😭
Emilia's past though.... 😭Wonder what that seal actually is.... In the end they never explained that, which seems like something important, yet not enough since the seal is most probably still sealed...
u/thee1brotherbear · 3 months ago
So, do you normally like to spoil endings for people, or were trying to just casually talk out of your neck?
u/Sunny649 · 3 months ago
but comments are there to talk about the episode. 🤷‍♂️Besides... There wasn't much spoiled in my comment? 🤔
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