Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu Episode 4
Miracle sub

4.7 (86 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
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u/Uknowit 路 1 month ago
Idk why but every single time when I know the show is going to come out that day I always try to guess which picture it is and I was right this time
u/Shichibukai7 路 1 month ago
All the homies hate KyLe 馃あ

I really like Sei though, she's such a good character!

I also really like how patient Johan has been with Sei lol
u/Feanor 路 1 month ago
I'd be nice if this was categorized as SHOUJO, so it doesn't give watchers a wrong idea. It's clearly made for female audiences.
u/Komyn 路 1 month ago
Why? Because it has a female lead and there is a normal romance? I think the abundance of young male characters is really the only reason for it to be a shoujo. Otherwise it's pretty much par for the course as far as isekai go.
u/Legeis 路 1 month ago
well I mean it dose have a reverse harem. That is a typical shoujo sub-genre. but idk idc whatever
u/Feanor 路 1 month ago
Because it tells a romance story from a female point of view. That's why it's shoujo.
u/Shichibukai7 路 3 weeks ago
Its an Isekai first and foremost, but it definitely has romance, although its not the typical 'everyone is in love with the main girl' reverse harem. All signs point to there only being one romantic interest so maybe it can have romance as like a secondary or even tertiary category. But above all its a typical overpowered MC Isekai.