Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara Episode 10
Surpassing Dad sub

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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/aashfyug · 3 weeks ago
This video file cannot be played.
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u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 3 weeks ago
I can't say this enough, Food War has to be one of my favorite animes of all time, love the characters, plot, and twist. And I know that next ep will be a hype and fire one. WE LOVE FOOD WARS!!!!
u/Arima_Shintarou · 3 weeks ago
i can't wait for next ep
u/NECRO_MANCER · 3 weeks ago
woop finally
u/NECRO_MANCER · 3 weeks ago
woop finally
u/flapneus2006 · 3 weeks ago
u/Voide · 3 weeks ago
less gooo
u/awall308 · 3 weeks ago
what is with the video player
u/Sageisagod44 · 3 weeks ago
damn it ended too early😔
u/Major47_ · 3 weeks ago
I have yet to start this season, waiting for it to end so that I can binge it in one night
u/JIEKEN · 3 weeks ago
this the shokugeki I like, not the ones which finishes in 1 episode so I can see the cookings mire clearly and the explanation
u/nasif_al_nahian · 3 weeks ago
i think in next episode someone gonna cry for sure
u/zeus290 · 3 weeks ago
next one will be lit
u/Kdudegames · 3 weeks ago
Dang got to wait another week
u/TheGeneral · 3 weeks ago
I spoiled this whole season the moment. I read the manga.
u/Nastyjoin · 3 weeks ago
Why does slenderman's son dress up like he is from the 1980s?
u/Migueldris · 3 weeks ago
Tomoko is f&%#*ng Kawaii
u/Darkknight4106 · 3 weeks ago
How do I fix the stream player, the other ones give me sus adds and faststream (the only good one) always says video player not found
u/kenwasnthere · 3 weeks ago
Yukihira's ability is probably comparable to one for all(BNHA) since he technically stockpiles his matches into becoming better while Crossed Knives is just all for one since it takes others abilities and makes it his own.
u/ExxGamer201 · 3 weeks ago
From the start I knew Soma and Erina would marry.