Sol Levante Episode 1
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u/golgameth · 2 weeks ago
note this anime has no dialogue. it was made simply as a proof of concept.
u/zaidtheadventire · 2 weeks ago
well it's gorgeous
u/alecs · 2 weeks ago
2160p 0-0
u/alecs · 2 weeks ago
my dreams be like:
u/Seekynator3000 · 2 weeks ago
ofc its netflix
u/ERR0Ro7 · 2 weeks ago
that was cool
u/BEARRUBBER · 2 weeks ago
what the hell
u/BEARRUBBER · 2 weeks ago
this anime style is soooo gorgeous
u/BEARRUBBER · 2 weeks ago
but plz we also want to watch things on 480p
u/golgameth · 2 weeks ago
480p available on Dood.. but it loses so much of what makes it great at higher quality xD
u/kimmmy03 · 2 weeks ago
uhmmm its just loading and loading
u/Nibba · 2 weeks ago
Hello Netflix
u/Nibba · 2 weeks ago
Hello Netflix
u/KnightSkull · 2 weeks ago
I just hope this becomes an actual thing. The art and everything is just *insert a word I don't have one*. The animation itself DEFINITELY needs an improvement but I'm sure if this becomes an anime it will be solved out. So I want this to become an anime.
u/KnightSkull · 2 weeks ago
By my previous comment I mean that someone uses this 4k HDR animation and Netflix makes an anime. (Although I hope it doesn't hold up to its reputation lol.)
u/KnightSkull · 2 weeks ago
The reason is because Netflix has a GREAT reputation for some things.
u/DrChief · 2 weeks ago
damn the quality is fukin great
u/jeromeleduna · 2 weeks ago
i already watched it on another site and it's fcking great and the animation was also nice but it's just loading and loading i can't watch it here.
u/Deauski · 2 weeks ago
look's incredible
u/b9k · 2 weeks ago
when you boost visual quality to the max, but the budget lasts 4 minutes without leftovers for scriptwriting or dubbing :D
u/sephiroth · 2 weeks ago
the art is beautiful