Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 1
TV Series dub

4.3 (57 votes)
Aired 8 months ago
Updated June 14, 2020 · 11.4k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/MeowMix · 8 months ago
test comment.
u/NyaakuSan · 8 months ago
test ok.
u/vorasi · 8 months ago
Reverse harem.
u/mucleicc · 8 months ago
It's called a Gangbang
u/xey · 8 months ago
Why is everyone is this anime so hot?!
u/Ms_Sarcastic · 8 months ago
The small blurb on MAL had my interest peaked, but I'm so disappointed. I like hot guys just as much as the next person, but they introduced like twenty just in the first episode. All of them are sweet on her (all look like they could be related and the hair/eye color are the only things that differentiate them) except for one who does a 180 by the end of this episode and seems like he'll be the same as the others.
u/duke12345z · 8 months ago
Ahem. 1:17 Jojo's reference
u/ChoukoDiVongola · 6 months ago
Welp this is quite anti-climatic. The way they introduced the characters feels really rushed here. The MC also feels kinda weak @[email protected] I mean I understand she has drug immunity that helped her get accepted as a detective but bruh, she can at least learn a self defense or two. I mean being a detective doesn't only revolve about drug immunity right?
u/ChoukoDiVongola · 6 months ago
You need to be physically fit and strong to face any dangerous situation, you need to be smart to handle situations more effectively, and you need to keep a level head to make proper decisions. TT^TT Yes, the sense of justice is a very good trait but it shouldn't be just that. I'm quite disappointed but I hope there will be a huge character development for the MC.
u/ChoukoDiVongola · 6 months ago
The premises of the plot is really interesting and hooking so it'll be a sad if the characters can't live up to those good plot lines. TToTT
u/carhy048 · 3 months ago
can yall tell me what anime to watch cuz I got nothing to watch I mostly finished all my favorite anime though
u/Enajda · 3 weeks ago
everyone in this anieme is soo hott...that mr Hiyama is so handsomeee😍...this anime is like reverse harem and l love to watch itt🤗🤗🤗
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