Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season Episode 10
Alice sub

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Aired 1 week ago
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u/Sageisagod44 · 1 week ago
wtf even is SAO anymore😂😂
u/DarkLoght16 · 1 week ago
They Should make an episode where it only shows what Kirito and Asuna do in the Underworld
u/Crescentfangs · 1 week ago
In the light novel there is a whole volume dedicated on that. I don't think the anime team is gonna cover it though (maybe OVA)
u/Uri67 · 1 week ago
guys. I think that they really should've emphasized the time they spent in there. anyone agree?
u/DarkLoght16 · 1 week ago
Just like I said Earlier, They should make an episode on the life of Kirito and Asuna during their time in the Underworld
u/Kazuki_O · 1 week ago
the server never works on release
u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 1 week ago
NGL, I feel bad for Kirito, the ending is pretty sad. We all miss Eugeo :((
u/Kazuki_O · 1 week ago
facts bro
u/RafaTheZX · 1 week ago
Yeah, horrible
u/idioticanime · 1 week ago
man we want a complete movie on that 200 time period where asuna and Kirito have lived in underworld 😌
u/weeb4lyfff4 · 1 week ago
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u/creed345 · 1 week ago
You wouldn't be upset if your best friend died???
And not just die but was murdered in front of you??
u/xVibez · 1 week ago
In a way, yes
u/Inceptxion · 1 week ago
So basically Kirito got tired of his harem and got a dead AI dude fetish.
u/Demonking_000 · 1 week ago
They should have never told about the existence of Alice
u/sunking · 1 week ago
Wthell is going on they ruined the show splitting kazuya like this... they shoudnt ahve done this and most frustrating they didnt show the Kirisuna...why did they do this I had high expectations 😭
u/weeb4lyfff4 · 1 week ago
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u/Salad18 · 1 week ago
AI powered sex doll ftw
u/Flypybird · 1 week ago
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u/shugo23 · 1 week ago
Just curious. Do you have brother or any sibling that you're close with? If not then I guess it's understandable why you'd feel this way because this is pretty much like that. If they die, it's like a piece of you goes with them. Eugeo is more of a brother to Kirito than just a bestfriend.
u/Tej_Lilboy · 1 week ago
Let's go
u/GabeP21 · 1 week ago
hell yeah
u/RawrXD_UwU · 1 week ago
aww man gotta wait till they uplaod it on other servers
u/RafaTheZX · 1 week ago
Error code 232011. Why am I seeing this in every video?
u/shahira · 1 week ago
whyyy it is too short of kirisuna?!! I want to drop this season because alice but at the same time I can't since I love kirito and asunaaaa :'(
u/PotatoRa · 1 week ago
He and Eugeo were together for over a decade and a half. He literally spent more time with Eugeo than with Asuna. They literally fucking fought the government together
u/XdannyX · 5 days ago
when Eugeo died, a part of me died with him. And its so annoying when Kirito remembers him cuz i start to get all saddddd SMHHHHHHHHH
u/dark503scorpion · 1 week ago
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