Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season Episode 5
Prince of Hell sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/BROWNlE · 1 month ago
ohhhhh fuck he's waking up next episode!!!!!!
u/Yojimbo · 1 month ago
naaaah i´m guessing next epesode will be some sort of recap
u/wonexo · 1 month ago
u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 1 month ago
u know it :))))))
u/narutoG6B · 1 month ago
nooo he did it even POH called him a vegtebal
u/Warcrors · 1 month ago
everybody gangsta till kirito wakes with admin perms
u/Ash_Dang · 1 month ago
Kirito's cosplaying skills are amazing! He even fooled his enemy by cosplaying a potato!
u/BROWNlE · 1 month ago
wait who's eiji?
u/Kanishk · 1 month ago
for that u need to watch sao the movie ordinal scale
u/BROWNlE · 1 month ago
yeah i realized that once yui showed up lol
u/LagMaster · 1 month ago
i was like " wait who's eiji? is that the guy who got killed and betrayed or something?"
u/Ender · 1 month ago
So, I'm not the only one who didn't remember him, I thought the movie was filler actually, I'm still not sure if this is filler or official.
u/narutoG6B · 1 month ago
me to i watched all sao but the movie the wen they said eiji i said who then i watched the movie then i came right back
u/680px · 1 month ago
i was like wtf is going, i mean i know i skipped like 3 seasons but still xD
u/Lightningra · 1 month ago
So you basically skipped all of it?
u/narutoG6B · 1 month ago
u/wonexo · 1 month ago
lol, that's some real skipping there pal
u/xaos_06 · 1 month ago
oh look the monster from the intro is appearing maybe kirito gonna wake up next episode
u/wonexo · 1 month ago
Uhmm, he's not cos we are probably gonna watch another whole episode of his unconscious state
u/BROWNlE · 1 month ago
oooga booga
u/iiamGIBBY · 1 month ago
I just wanna say that ending got MOiSt
u/BROWNlE · 1 month ago
ohhhhh eiji is from ordinal scale I think
u/Nankaina-otoko · 1 month ago
yes its the one from ordinal scale
u/nasif_al_nahian · 1 month ago
now give us next one 😪
u/HarutoraOP · 1 month ago
Everybody gangsta until Kirito wakes up
u/Salad18 · 1 month ago
Jesus-kun second coming
u/ArsonAnime · 1 month ago
Wake up Kirito
u/JeremyPilar14 · 1 month ago
heck yeah
u/kittykatto · 1 month ago
episode 8 - eugeo back
last episode - alice and the gang go to real world hoora horay ez
u/qutaybahnoor · 1 month ago
oh fuck that's kirito's father in 9:54 and the girl is Yuna from Sao movie I am kirito will wake up in ep
u/qutaybahnoor · 1 month ago
so POH is kirito's half brother
u/Rashamon · 1 month ago
u/Zry · 1 month ago
finally it work
u/Zry · 1 month ago
finally it work
u/ArsonAnime · 1 month ago