Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season Episode 7
Awakening sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/RetchiWoltrax 路 1 month ago
Those dragons have more screentime than Klein
u/varids24 路 1 month ago
So true 馃槀馃槀馃槀
u/Hyper-kun 路 1 month ago
I miss Eugeo! still the greatest duo!
u/Xjh2004 路 1 month ago
Lmao Jesus-Kun finally awake馃槀
u/Orochi 路 1 month ago
More like Thor-kun.
u/脰lius 路 1 month ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/-Kaneki16_ 路 1 month ago
I Dont understand sao haters like wtf there is nothing wrong with this episode
u/Ayss 路 1 month ago
It's not that it's bad (though fight scene with Eiji and Yuuna in previous ep was better) but imho it's relying too much on Kirito and Kirito only. Making all secondary characters useless even with god accounts while they were important in 1st arc. I wouldn't want it to end with a Bleach like taste.
u/IamtheHero 路 1 month ago
bro thats why he is mc
u/Namalthus 路 1 month ago
yes, but being a mc doesn't mean the secondary characters must be useless.....if they want it to be then log them on normal account, not god one.
u/IamtheHero 路 1 month ago
bro i dont think they portrayed any of character useless for e.g. asuna previous fight before waking up of kirito was better than kirito's and also they need to make a situation for waking up of kirito.
u/Ayss 路 1 month ago
Of course he's the MC and as such he's bound to beat the final boss. The problem here is it's not only the final boss but every little pebble on the way (even though Asuna would have beaten PoH if he didn't get a plot armor). Having secondary chars solving secondary problems give them some significance
u/脰lius 路 1 month ago
I mean sudently everyone is Imortal and comes back to live. There is no tension
u/narutoG6B 路 1 week ago
who else feeling hiped when they played music
u/BROWNlE 路 1 month ago
no first here lmao
u/Ofzen 路 1 month ago
If the FastStream 2 mirror gives you error, just use the 3rd party mirrors.
u/Tackler16 路 1 month ago
Bro how?
u/Lightningra 路 1 month ago
you can drop down and choose bro
u/Tej_Lilboy 路 1 month ago
man I feel like crying
u/Ownij 路 1 month ago
Kirito "Not today Satan!"
u/Orochi 路 1 month ago
Not today, Jesus.
u/SkyRise_A_Zeen 路 1 month ago
I can't wait for next episode
u/UnknownAlienSpecies 路 1 month ago
Yes I too also literally cannot wait for the next episode, wake me up next weekend
u/Caprisun_Child 路 1 month ago
I gachu
u/Flypybird 路 1 month ago
they cut kirito asuna kiss scene? srlsy gonna try make us forget they are dating or something? its harsh to make Asuna feelings have the same value as his incest lover sister and 2 other friends, without to say that they trynna shio him with Alice, now ya gonna start cutting the only moments we have where we can happily ship the ACTUAL FUCKING COUPLE. ffs the only good shit I can get out of SAO romantic part is just that at least they didnt make us wait fucking ages to get one ship confirmed
u/StackingBullion 路 1 month ago
Obito Uchiha looks pissed off.
u/kakashi8 路 1 month ago
damn y'all are quick
u/Itz_Xeno421 路 1 month ago
Does anyone know if the latest eps for food wars is here? I cant find it
u/AnimeAddict 路 1 month ago
He has a bad habit making an entrance at the last second
u/weeb3 路 1 month ago
is it just me or is it not loading
u/SunShein 路 1 month ago
lmao i was here
u/Tackler16 路 1 month ago
This video can't be played, anyone got that error?
u/Ofzen 路 1 month ago
use one of the other mirrors.
u/Tackler16 路 1 month ago
There is'nt any ootion for that
u/Tackler16 路 1 month ago
It is just askng for subtitles
u/dark503scorpion 路 1 month ago
nah im first
u/KisaraX 路 1 month ago
u/Monsif 路 1 month ago
yessssssssssssssssss itssssssssss hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee