Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season Episode 8
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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/Arisya · 3 weeks ago
atleast asuna can be happy 200 years without kirito's harem XD
u/shadyspree · 3 weeks ago
i would love to see 1-2 ep only on asuna and kirito like sao1
u/Lizelotte · 3 weeks ago
he actually have a harem tho in underworld lol
u/whyuwannaknow · 3 weeks ago
maam you're way to optimistic that kirito aint getting more harems in 200years :^)
all the orcs, wolves, whatever shit out there he'd be ought getting em harem.
u/Erwinstein · 3 weeks ago
Not very much a spoiler but there's 2 additional LN volumes of a certain incident during their 200 years on Underworld, and given that we're still on EP8, it will probably be animated.
u/shadyspree · 3 weeks ago
lol i really like how ASUNA want to send ALICE away XD
u/Tackler16 · 3 weeks ago
Lmao xD
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
Still I wouldn't mind to spend 200 years with Asuna XD
u/xyb · 3 weeks ago
sad can't play it
u/BROWNlE · 3 weeks ago
Doodstream is up, go watch it now!
u/Tackler16 · 3 weeks ago
Doodstream and every link are full of ads my half time wasted on closing ads literally, only Faststream2 works fine
u/deucalion_23 · 3 weeks ago
me too :')
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u/ERICAHSU · 3 weeks ago
kirito killed a pokemon
u/Marcus_Glenn · 3 weeks ago
True that thing did look like zekrom a bit
u/Tackler16 · 3 weeks ago
Lmao xD
u/ByanJoseph · 3 weeks ago
why he stuck i thought every person in underworld is forced to logged out
u/xVibez · 3 weeks ago
last episode they said him and asuna would stay if they don't log out manually because of the STLs that they're in
u/Spegi · 3 weeks ago
what even is the villians character anymore
u/bokutossadhair · 3 weeks ago
Was literally thinking the same thing
u/Tackler16 · 3 weeks ago
He defeated them in just 2 episodes
u/blackEye_night · 3 weeks ago
why they leaving us on cliffhangers like this all the time😭
u/_Vert · 3 weeks ago
sad gamer moment
u/ByanJoseph · 3 weeks ago
haha jk he stuck 😭
u/YinYangYuu · 3 weeks ago
I was hoping that Eugeo would be stay with them in spirit. Sort of like Yui in SAO. Him being at peace in his world is good too.
u/Tackler16 · 3 weeks ago
Eugeo is not actually died for Kirito
u/jjcadaguit · 3 weeks ago
Kirito: finally a chance to start a new life
Asuna: I aint about to let you start a new harem in another world b*tch
u/Tackler16 · 3 weeks ago
Whats harem, plz tell me
u/pufff · 3 weeks ago
u/doopetae · 3 weeks ago
no episode 7
u/ByanJoseph · 3 weeks ago
doopetae have 1 week ago try check
u/ByanJoseph · 3 weeks ago
cool anime 👍
u/Kdudegames · 3 weeks ago
Will there be another episode?
u/Antii_Ne0n · 3 weeks ago
Yeah in a week
u/RetchiWoltrax · 3 weeks ago
officially one of the greatest anime fights/moments.

also, have you ever thought how to make Kirito more BadAss? just add golden wings to match his golden eyes.

and also, so nobody can say it, FIRST.
u/ByanJoseph · 3 weeks ago
wait what is kirito dead?
u/xNuke · 3 weeks ago
No. His conscious is just stuck in there
u/ByanJoseph · 3 weeks ago
oh nvm he isnt stuck for 200 years
u/joyal · 3 weeks ago
the animation was sexy 🔥