Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Episode 3
The Final Load Test sub

4.7 (813 votes)
Aired 5 months ago
Updated March 15, 2020 · 29.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/Telesto_ · 5 months ago
Why does SAO not have more views than the stuff that is already out right now? It has made a lot of improvements since the first season and now.
u/jc5011 · 5 months ago
Many people will bing watch dude. Even myself I waited for 3 episodes to watch.
u/Darklegendlink · 5 months ago
God do I love this website, this community, DARK MODE. It's the perfect Anime Website :O Please never close :')
u/PhantomChaser09 · 5 months ago
Why do we have to leave off when asuna went in i wanna see her find kirito now pls :(((((((
u/Legeis · 5 months ago
Because they need you to “ Tune in next week for another episode of Dragon Ball Z... cough cough, erm I mean Sword Art Online.”
u/Sunny649 · 5 months ago
And then the question whether Asuna can find Kirito and Alice soon or not...
u/Lester11 · 5 months ago
fucking awesome, this anime had been by best ever long since it came and I love it so much that I prefer watching it instead of giving my exams(exam time) I wanna see those fuckers dead in game as well as IRL ,peace
go go - asuna & save ur hubby
u/Sixty1000 · 5 months ago
Is it weird that after this episode, I kinda hate the United States even tho I am a citizen here???
u/zeq · 5 months ago
Well, someone from somewhere is always antagonized. To be fair, we have done some shady undercover shit in the past. Not to mention, this is a japanese anime, so they always gonna project japanese superiority.
u/Me3 · 5 months ago
The nsa has a point. How do you think china would react to a machine like that? It would be with alot of missiles, and we'd have to clean up japan's mess. China would destroy japan. It's why japan's navy isn't coming to the rescue.
u/Sixty1000 · 5 months ago
true true
u/aduka- · 5 months ago
fanatio's lil sister look hawt
u/Darklegendlink · 5 months ago
u/Djtrizzle · 5 months ago
I almost thought they dived in as the couple, and lost their memories.
u/Me3 · 5 months ago
I wonder if our good guys on the turtle will turn out to be weapon dealers and the strike team the actual good guys? Can I hope for such intrigue from mainstream anime? Probably not.
u/hxper · 5 months ago
have i missed something, or why everyone looking for Alice?
u/PhantomChaser09 · 5 months ago
Cause they all greedy
u/Ligreat · 5 months ago
This is getting complicated now lol
u/TOBBG · 5 months ago
There are really dragging out these episodes, literally nothing happened in this one. I hope this series doesn't go downhill since I loved the previous ones.
u/edgy_bach · 5 months ago
Please upload this with AU Engine :(
u/sinnx3 · 5 months ago
You've been heard. :) soon™
u/sinnx3 · 5 months ago
AUEngine is now available for this episode. Enjoy!
u/edgy_bach · 5 months ago
u/Ender · 5 months ago
Yeah I still don't get why Alice is so special since there are thousands of Fluctlights on both territories, anyway this anime is getting better and better
u/sTix · 4 months ago
It was explained in the last season because Alice didn't actually overwrite that purple crystal put inside her. Something different happened. I think she became a bottom-up thingy that they wanted
u/hanish99 · 5 months ago
Damn this ep gave me chills
u/b9k · 5 months ago
u/unfairr · 5 months ago
meh it's getting boring and boring.. I guess I'll stop here
u/Jackiely · 4 months ago
I know who that guy with the facial tattoo is. Damn, to think Kirito and Asuna who have to deal with that guy again. It's seems life can be so cruel like that.
u/bohan · 4 months ago
this is getting pretty good. hopefully no one gets raped this season though..
u/Vingro · 4 months ago
OK this is awesome. but i am a bit sad that kirito is pretty much worthless right now, hopefully he gets better
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