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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season Episode 12
The One Unleashed dub

4.8 (564 votes)
Aired 2 weeks ago
Updated April 18, 2021 · 17.4k Views


u/golgameth · 2 weeks ago
Damn that was a good, though uneventful episode!!
can't wait til july for episode 13!! :D
u/Psychoz · 2 weeks ago
next ep will be in Juli? o.O that's a long wait... but from what has happened thus far it'll deffo be worth it!
u/golgameth · 2 weeks ago
they decided to break the season into 2 parts, and have The Slime Diaries air between them.
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
I hope the animation and the story got more better than before so we can enjoy this show more...
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Is this summer break or something else?
u/golgameth · 2 weeks ago
it's a 2 part season. quite annoying. though not as bad as Shingeki no Kyojin where you have to wait a year for the 2nd half of the season. lol
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Really? We need to wait that long to continue watching AOT?
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
I might forget about that anime
u/Distreicus · 2 weeks ago
Ye... no fan of 2 part seasons....
u/antyone · 2 weeks ago
just see this as 12 ep seasons, which is quite normal
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Are they make it like this too in season 1? Cuz when I start watching this anime, they're already completed...
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Okay... 😢
u/Gurka · 2 weeks ago
Man, Can it get done already i wana watch it so bad!
u/Distreicus · 2 weeks ago
Aye.... I feel like spamming refresh....
u/golgameth · 2 weeks ago
have you watched it yet??
u/Greatmarine3 · 2 weeks ago
Damn this episode wasnt long enough
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Yeah, it feels like 1 second 😢
u/Yatoooo · 2 weeks ago
One hell of a butler
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Especially his characteristic like a child 😂
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
After some research, I found many spoiler bahahaha 😂
u/Gurka · 2 weeks ago
Damn, i wish they kept the red eyes but it's whatever.
u/canoca1923 · 2 weeks ago
the red eyes is only when the sage is controlling the body
u/cokui · 2 weeks ago
time to wait fucking ages ;-;
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Yeah 😢
u/ghul · 2 weeks ago
Once was a Great Dragon Veldora but got 2 years of Quarantine and look at him now. He is just a Dovahkiin now. :D
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Hahahahahaha, but it's okay since he got a human figure 😂
u/Sunny649 · 2 weeks ago
Tsundere Dragon is finally back!!!! But that cliffhanger though.... Until July!
But before that, see you guys next week in TenSura Nikki! 😂 Like how Raphael keep insisting it's Rimuru's imagination regarding her fluency in speaking xD
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
What is Tensura Nikki? Their game?
u/golgameth · 2 weeks ago
Slime Diaries! a side-story slime LN.
u/TheD3ADP001 · 2 weeks ago
I honestly dont know why but this anime makes me so happy to watch like actually helps my depression I love this anime!
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
Yeah, me too... But this affected my learning in exchange for curing my depression 😂
u/rinae1605127 · 1 week ago
crap crap
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