The God of High School Episode 11
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u/Aleks626 · 1 week ago
u/weeb4lyfff4 · 1 week ago
wow does that mean that jin mori is god and ilpyo is the fox or nine tailed fox so jin mori/god will be friemds with ilpyo and the nine tailed fox will gain trust to god again? maybe??
u/Jishithemo_ · 3 days ago
Jin mori is a being from korean mythology called Jae Chun Dae sung (재천대성) and Ilpyo is a being from chinese mythology called go-mi-ho(구미호). In the "Adventure"(모험) and "Ragnarok"(라그나로크) saga, they team up, and in "Re:A battle with the gods"(RE:신과한판), Ilpyo sticks to 박무봉's side, but with the same purpose as daewi.
u/Jishithemo_ · 3 days ago
Also, Ilpyo was serviced to the KING, but was thrown aside. According to Mori(재천대성)'s past, he lost to 구미호 once, and was thrown into 팔괘로 for 8 days.
u/Jishithemo_ · 3 days ago
Well, the anime is heading a very different direction than the webtoon, so I don't know how much of this is true.
u/danielbel · 1 week ago
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u/KingzBruh · 1 week ago
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u/NAEM · 1 week ago
Just because something has the nine-tailed fox that doesn't mean it's Naruto.....
u/NIGWARDggggg · 1 week ago
My guy has Sage Mode to
u/champ2484 · 1 week ago
Naruto Never died tho ;-;
u/stoez · 1 week ago
this is so different
u/Sup1029 · 1 week ago
monkey king has risen
u/Jishithemo_ · 3 days ago
That's actually true. He just woke the power of 재천대성, also known as monkey king
u/K4M1K4Z3 · 1 week ago
I hope they do it justice
u/Aleks626 · 1 week ago
Kurama lost nooo :(
u/Moji · 1 week ago
did he transform to the God of thunder or something
u/awall308 · 1 week ago
u/Ölius · 1 week ago
Its getting darker...
u/asidender · 1 week ago
what's better than a flaming 9 tail fox that destroyed half of Heaven? the executioner who killed it
u/boreean · 1 week ago
I guess the fights are gonna get more boring as the characters get more OP
u/Zinichiii · 1 week ago
It's so LIT🔥i thought jin mori is gonna be the key but his strength is far more than the that
u/ZakaPlayzz · 1 week ago
this man got ultra instinct
u/danielbel · 1 week ago
holy shit
u/keithmabao12 · 1 week ago
u/kenwasnthere · 1 week ago
you prolly shouldn't read this but

Monkey vs Fox xd
u/MAKS119 · 1 week ago
u/J0J0BestAnime · 1 week ago
finally error code is fixed
u/Mikalelele · 1 week ago
While there are quite some differences to the story in the Manwha it's one of my favorites this season, can't wait for next week's episode