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The God of High School Episode 8
Close / Friend dub

4.7 (919 votes)
Aired 3 weeks ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 27.7k Views


u/noobXmaster 路 3 weeks ago
20:07 this is not shokugeki no souma 馃槀
u/owosjj 路 3 weeks ago
ah three of them spending time together i just like that
u/Yuki-Kun 路 3 weeks ago
same, wish I could do something like that someday
u/owosjj 路 3 weeks ago
you will
u/Andwack 路 3 weeks ago
I feel the same! haha
u/BlueHoodieBandit 路 3 weeks ago
I'm kinda sad they didn't go in depth into Taejins past in the military, it would've made for a cool episode.
u/AllarkVarkk 路 3 weeks ago
They do later. Well at least in the WEBTOON
u/StormDragon 路 3 weeks ago
Is it me or does this kinda remind you guy of heavens arena from hunter X hunter?
u/Greamorous 路 3 weeks ago
haoshoku haki
u/Sup1029 路 3 weeks ago
goosebumps everytime the intro song plays
u/DwLuffy 路 3 weeks ago
u/sir_uselesss 路 3 weeks ago
dis boy need usain bolt to be his charyoek
u/The_Intervened 路 3 weeks ago
fucking awesome
u/Vivianxo 路 3 weeks ago
This was good
u/ObeySatan 路 3 weeks ago
eh it was aight.....story weak as hell
u/AllarkVarkk 路 3 weeks ago
This is just the intro
u/DekuKage 路 3 weeks ago
been waiting
u/Young_dagger_dx 路 3 weeks ago
finally its here 馃槑馃槑
u/FizyzTouya93 路 3 weeks ago
u/Licht9283 路 3 weeks ago
animestack has a problem
u/weeb4lyfff4 路 3 weeks ago
for flip sake im tired of cliff hangers man
u/2hands 路 3 weeks ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/dornuthedude 路 3 weeks ago
you are not even close to what happens next lmaoooo, just keep watching the show man
u/AllarkVarkk 路 3 weeks ago
Spoilers. Mori becomes god. Daewi does but doesn鈥檛 die and becomes the jade king. Mira get stronger and abandons the,. Mu Jin betrays them and kills his grandpa
u/V_Leo 路 3 weeks ago
Illegal Cliffhanger.
u/ndots 路 3 weeks ago
mans here
u/kyle12 路 3 weeks ago
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