The God of High School Episode 13
God / God sub

4.7 (1042 votes)
Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/creed345 · 3 weeks ago
This was super Rushed.... disappointing such a great start too
u/khaleesium · 2 weeks ago
to the people who didnt read the webtoon doesnt feel rushed, its just a great anime, i red it years ago and i remember too little and i still find it realy great.
u/Lothudus · 3 weeks ago
blah blah blah "rushed" I couldn't give a shit less. This was a great episode and anime overall!! can't wait for season 2!
u/boreean · 3 weeks ago
Is the pole/pillar and headband from journey to the west? Does that make Mori the funny monke?
u/Xurin · 3 weeks ago
The monkey king Sun Wukong
u/Crocodile · 3 weeks ago
I hope they don't do this to Noblesse
u/dingdingdongdong · 3 weeks ago
how difficult would it be for them to use yeoui instead of "nyoibo" ffs
u/Ren · 3 weeks ago
And what about calling GEUNDOOWUN, Kinto??? wtf
u/TristanRxxx · 3 weeks ago
disappointed for it being rushed, after this season i recommend everyone to read the manwha.
u/Young_dagger_dx · 3 weeks ago
ngl this was super rushed like tf? episode 12 had a different ending and now somehow that guy transformed into a demon, when?? in the last episode that didn't happen. Big oof like this anime had potential man, ffs make it 24 I don't care, I'll binge and watch them all, but yh its is what its is, very disappointing with this one but its aight ig 😔😑😧😤
u/NITO1191 · 3 weeks ago
hyoed again
u/K4M1K4Z3 · 3 weeks ago
we finally here
u/sir_uselesss · 3 weeks ago
u/GokuSuperS50 · 3 weeks ago
u/GokuSuperS50 · 3 weeks ago
u/GokuSuperS50 · 3 weeks ago
is it working for you guys
u/Ch4rl3sD0rky · 3 weeks ago
ooooo I'm hype
u/stoez · 3 weeks ago
God / God.
u/Imnothuss · 3 weeks ago
last episode here
u/Aditya1492 · 3 weeks ago
Let's goooooooo
u/owosjj · 3 weeks ago
great anime and i hope for season 2
u/kurumatani-kun · 3 weeks ago
mori rlly a god damnnnnnn
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
Wtf is wrong with studios, like I don't get it in a great fight adding shitty songs. Like ffs it ruins the entire moment. Disappointed because of the music entire series I enjoyed but finale because of crapy music at time when it shouldn't be playing. I'm pissed.