Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode 15
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
Never would've guessed to see Misaki cry! o.o
But well... see you all back in July 24th, as Episode 16 has been delayed until then now, ending this season in around September..!
u/CatsDK · 1 month ago
Well let's see...
u/MaropSKi01 · 1 month ago
u/Toffie · 1 month ago
yeahh boii
u/Yaroster · 1 month ago
Fuck yeah
u/Renger · 1 month ago
what some people will do for a friend.
u/hajir · 1 month ago
Sajou no hana MVP of this episode
u/mirlx · 1 month ago
u/BarneyB · 1 month ago
just me or was that an episode to closure to dolly, mi and misaki
u/Boskinene16 · 1 month ago
damn this episodr hit hard
u/emmanime_ · 1 week ago
bruh agreed, this episode hit me hard too lol