Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 8
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4.7 (137 votes)
Aired 1 week ago
Updated November 28, 2020 · 4.5k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/Young_dagger_dx 路 1 week ago
she's that girl from the moon like in the folklore, shitt what if she goes back to moon and leaves him alone ?馃槶 I hope it had a happy ending
u/Reaper_19 路 1 week ago
looks like the rumours are true, that Tsukasa-Chan is immortal 馃槓
u/Legeis 路 1 week ago
Man I think I am going to need to pick up the manga for this one!
u/Ofzen 路 1 week ago
Hell yeah
u/xotakux 路 1 week ago
i f(x) love this anime
u/nemo007 路 4 days ago
u function of x it?
u/Rventura 路 1 week ago
Im so happy this came out, can't wait for the next episode
u/kingslash 路 1 week ago
i feel so happy for them
u/Segev 路 1 week ago
nice ending
u/Dawn 路 1 week ago
tho they skip some scenes in this episode (especially the katana one), this sure is as lovely and cute as usual
u/Chigo 路 1 week ago
Oh that seemed to be important, hope they address it later as a flashback at least
u/gamientaints 路 5 days ago
so shes a very very very old lady...