Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 6
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Aired 8 months ago
Updated July 25, 2021 · 7.5k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/ILoveEcchiAnime · 8 months ago
best couple of 2020 fight me
u/edeva01 · 8 months ago
Best OP of 2020 too!
u/Ofzen · 8 months ago
God I love this show.
u/Kronze · 8 months ago
this show slaps me with the single word
u/edeva01 · 8 months ago
Which one? The 4-Letter "L-word" or "F-word"? I get both, former because theirs makes me happy, and later because "C'moooooon man! She's your WIFE, just ASK her!!!"
u/AdSJB · 8 months ago
Hentai, take notes. These are the professionals of lewd right here. This is like a once-in-a-lifetime levels of lewd. If you produce anything like this. You might stand a chance of having even slightly unwholesome stuff. God is this stuff disgusting. But addicting.
u/hajir · 8 months ago
Bruh there's no contest between kazuya x Nasa
u/edeva01 · 8 months ago
Unfortunately, ur entry into "contest for best ship" doesn't count as the are already MARRIED before anyone else gets introduced. There is no SHIPPING as this story IS THE SHIP ITSELF!!!
u/hajir · 8 months ago
Im talking that Nasa cant be compared to kazuya from kanokari as he for 12 episodes was such an asshole on the manga he changes but still Nasa is just the GOAT
u/edeva01 · 8 months ago
Nasa was first to moon n back, all them other suitors kaguya r LOSERS!!!! (TriplePun Intended)
u/gamientaints · 8 months ago
The OP is Koi no Uta by Yunomi
u/HysteriaX · 8 months ago
haziq is noob
u/Le_Toucan · 8 months ago
nasa is the fucking goat
u/edeva01 · 8 months ago
Seriously tho, anyone know song to OP? I'm really wanting to hear the whole thing now!!!
u/Young_dagger_dx · 8 months ago
bruhhh why can't I have something like this 😭 why every girl I date in the end cheats, uses me and then leaves 😭😭
u/RockSailor · 8 months ago
Because you didn't found the right person
u/EdrianGaming21 · 8 months ago
god, they're so sweet i can't take it🤣
u/EdrianGaming21 · 8 months ago
god, they're so sweet i can't take it🤣
u/memelordhokage · 7 months ago
Wait so when it was zoomed into the phone then there was no notch but when it zoomed out and she went inside the phone in his hand had a notch
u/-himoiz · 4 months ago
Yall at 5:40 one piece and Aot reference aahah
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