Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season Episode 10
TV Series dub

4.6 (393 votes)
Aired 4 months ago
Updated August 1, 2021 · 7.2k Views · by u/golgameth


u/Synraul · 4 months ago
Vincent really had us in the first half.......
u/Magical_Cauldron · 4 months ago
I even insulted him
I feel bad now
Sorry bald headed guy
u/ally_tw · 4 months ago
god same....
u/Skucha · 4 months ago
this seasons pacing is so hard to follow, which makes this season kinda shit. But i gotta admit the phil emma scene was pretty dope
u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 4 months ago
Your opinion, but I personally do love this season
u/marble99 · 3 months ago
Its a good show tho it truly departs from the mangas plot and actions. The ending is not even the same! The mangas pacing is a lot better! My opinion tho! Have a good day!
u/Hunar · 4 months ago
For the people saying "the show is ruined" due to the pace, this is how it should be when you are planning to do something big. They wont show us the children having beautiful quality time with each other cause they were in hiding need to keep going. I also kinda think something big is coming up cause usually when things are fast paced it means something to slow it down is coming.
u/Apokinx · 4 months ago
goldy pond arc
u/Azurey · 4 months ago
youre so autistic its actually unbelievable you literally dont know nothing about a good story your opinion is shit
u/xmxxnlightxx · 1 month ago
jeez let people have their own opinion. and you don't have to be that rude.
u/Risyaa_ · 4 months ago
if phil is back, im here for it.
u/assaiilant · 4 months ago
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u/amanibatman · 4 months ago
u/jelllal · 4 months ago
thanks for the upload!!
u/sleepyyxtae · 4 months ago
the way things are going is kinda weird. like how... ok nvm
u/jacobalexjones · 4 months ago
Why is the audio distorted
u/ZharaHussain · 4 months ago
Oh mi gawd this is amazinggg
u/timothyheh · 4 months ago
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u/chocomikmik_ · 2 months ago
It's basically people fighting capitalism in a sense. It's fast paced because so much was removed but I think it's not that bad.
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