Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Sevens Episode 1
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3.8 (14 votes)
Aired 5 months ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 4.9k Views · by u/golgameth


u/BeWaReJay · 5 months ago
First and fr I never expected a new yugioh to come out during corona break
u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 5 months ago
I kinda like this episode , this reminded me of YUGIOH Duel Links, but you can summon multiple monsters at once, which is a bit crazy. I thought that man who summon blue eyes to be Kabia XDD
u/BeWaReJay · 5 months ago
And so now we have a fake Quattro having a crossover with Power Rangers? I never thought it would come to this LMAO
u/FenomenoGR · 5 months ago
Dudeee this is not yugioh,why they made it so childishh??
I watched again first yugioh and it was amazing and that thing is #@#@#
u/Astrage · 5 months ago
Yugioh wtf are u doing, ur Country’s birth rate is so low that even making this kiddy cartoon wouldn’t even make nearly as much money. The only reason this series was so successful was because it was so dam badass and more towards shounen.
u/mrxwantsblood · 5 months ago
The Infinite Loop again wtff....
u/jonas12345 · 5 months ago
bro is this meant for 5 YR
u/Chaos_Emperor · 5 months ago
the fuck is this shit...