Zeonzard The Animation Episode 3
Eilietta: Lovesickness sub

4.5 (56 votes)
Aired 8 months ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 2.9k Views · by u/sinnx3


u/shemyexist · 6 months ago
13 min episode... damn
u/bello_w · 6 months ago
I don't get it there's no linear plot. Am I missing something?
u/maginboof · 6 months ago
atleast the music good
u/maginboof · 6 months ago
same here and they need to make it longer I swear if the scene changes without me knowing what the fuck going on again and this thing don't get longer episodes I fucking quite this shitty animate
u/tehakkiter · 4 months ago
only 10 minutes each episode? I wish to watch at least 60 min at least coz this anime soo soo fun!
u/Last_Loli-00 · 6 months ago
i'd wish they'd just make this into a legit anime series based on the cardfight and AI-Mc duo

include the badass music too
u/Jokoloco_Gamer · 6 months ago
wasnt someone saying how they upload an episode a month, if that is true why was this episode 13 mins long f, also i dont even know why this part is important to the story, besides the ending with the weird guy who acted as if he was planning something big i dont think this gave much to the story, it may just be her character's backstory and she will somehow meet with other characters idek this anime is hella weird
u/Sorey · 6 months ago
had to wait one whole month for a 13 minute episode? wtf
u/Sorey · 6 months ago
had to wait one whole month for a 13 minute episode? wtf
u/jokeax · 6 months ago
damn bro 13min
u/NECRO_MANCER · 4 months ago
1 episode per month...only 13 mins long....This Anime is really great but I wish they'd make it 20 mins long and release 1 episode per week.
u/Angelina · 4 months ago
is this a fucking joke 13 mintues episode