Hunter X Hunter



u/Yajat_Gupta · 2 weeks ago
The AU Engine dubbed for Hunter X Hunter is not working and says "The Video Player is Undergoing Maintenance." I talked to a staff member, and he told me to put in a request here. Please fix it and add all the dubbed episodes as soon as possible. Thank you!
u/Yajat_Gupta · 2 weeks ago
I saw the post on discord about how subbed episodes are better than dubbed episodes. However, I would still really appreciate it if the dubbed versions of the episodes could be readded. I was watching dubbed on Netflix and it is weird to switch to sub in the middle of the show.
u/Yajat_Gupta · 3 days ago
I'm so sorry to be a bother, I was just wondering when the dubbed episodes for Hunter X Hunter will be uploaded. Thank you so much!
Opened by u/Yajat_Gupta - 2 weeks ago