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u/Lufffy · 4 weeks ago
please add as it is dead due to AU
u/Ofzen · 4 weeks ago
It's going to take some time, but i'll work on it.
u/Lufffy · 3 weeks ago
u/Ofzen · 3 weeks ago
season 1 is done, going to start on the others. Might take a little longer this time since i'll also be working these next 5 days.
u/Lufffy · 3 weeks ago
u/Lufffy · 3 weeks ago it just on animeultima or will work on animeflix as well because I just checked flix and it's the same
u/Ofzen · 3 weeks ago
Flix won't work. 3rd party options aren't available on it.
Opened by u/Lufffy - 4 weeks ago
Accepted by u/Ofzen - 4 weeks ago
Done by u/Ofzen - 3 weeks ago