One Piece Dub

Title: One Piece Dub
Requested by: u/golexa
This request has been fulfilled. Watch it here!


u/golexa · 2 weeks ago
you have the sub,but please add the dub
u/golgameth · 1 week ago
the dub is available up until 688 i believe. (most recently released episode)
simply click on the first episode then select switch to dubbed.
The MP4Upload mirror from the dropdown should work for you.
u/golgameth · 1 day ago
added new mirrors for the dub up to 688. episode 590 did not get dubbed.
Opened by u/golexa - 2 weeks ago
Accepted by u/golgameth - 1 week ago
Done by u/golgameth - 1 day ago