About The App & Other News..

By u/Xythar - 3 months ago

Our app for android is at its end of life as some may know MeowMix officially has stepped down as Owner and Developer for the website(s) and app. We currently have a part-time developer however they do not know/understand how the app works/is coded, thus we cannot make any changes/fixes/updates for it, that being said the app will remain running AS-IS if you encounter issues on the app such as not loading, chances are there are no mirrors that are supported for the app available for that series and you should use the website.

PS: AU itself hardly provides any ads so 95% of the ads you see come from third party video hosts we have no control over, so complaining to us isn't gonna do anything. Please get an adblocker on whatever browser you use. And stop watching anime on your phone. (ublock origin exists on firefox mobile or you could get brave browser,, no idea about chrome but chrome sucks)

Also the community section is completely at its end of life and is 100% unmonitored, any and all posts there will likely never see a reply and the portion of the site is pending removal.
If you have questions/suggestions/comments PLEASE join us (this is the main way to contact staff) on our discord: https://discord.gg/Am89tCjYkY

If you need your password reset you must DM a staff member (more specifically Millhi, Dub/Sinnx3, or Ofzen) on our discord to have it reset. Our email system has been down for many months thus password resets and email verifications have not been working (this could very easily be remedied by donations).

A new encoding formula is being used on some ongoing shows, you may/may have not of noticed filesizes jumping up to 1GB or more.
Feedback is greatly appreciated on this new formula regarding quality/etc. Do so via our discord and giving Dub (u/sinnx3) a ping.
Depending on the community feedback, we may keep this new formula or revert back to our old formula.

We have also heard some conversations about users not having a good privacy browser or vpn well here's a recommendation from us:
Browser: [CLICK HERE] Brave Browser