AnimeUltima App is back! and Other News..

By u/AUAdmin - 3 months ago

Hope you folks enjoyed April fools. If you managed to read the wall of text and found out the secret then good job. In the case you didn't we have publicly released the new AnimeUltima app. Which you can download here If you have any issues drop by our discord and send ModMail a DM, all website & app support/issues are handled through ModMail tickets.

If you are updating from the old dead app (old = versions 0.5.0 or older), clear your app data and app cache and uninstall any other app versions currently installed, then install the latest (version 0.9.7 at the time of writing this) from any newer versions will auto-update from this. (it will prompt you)

What's New:

3rd party video streams support added!

This means you will be able to select a 3rd party video stream that is not managed by AU to watch anime uploaded by AU, such as mp4upload, Ninjastream, Doodstream, etc. If a video has Faststream 2 available as a source, you will be able to select between Faststream and the 3rd party video streams. It will also indicate whether the 3rd party video stream is subbed or dubbed.

60 anime cap in lists fixed

There was a minor bug that showed only 60 anime in a list instead of all of them.


The app is not available on Google Playstore, and we don't plan on adding it there any time soon. Instead, the app is able to update automatically when there is a new update available. You will get a pop-up when you open the app to update if it is not at the latest release.

Playback Speed for Faststream

If Faststream is available, you will be able to change the playback speed for it. This can be enabled in the Settings tab. If app data or cache is deleted, this preference will get removed as well.

Updates Log

There is now an Updates Log for users to see what has happened with the app since we started development.

AniList Sync

AniList sync is enabled. For now, you will be able log in to Anilist through the app, and anytime you add an individual anime to a list, it will update with AniList. The import and export functions have not been enabled yet, we are working on getting those running ASAP. Please don't try to update a lot of anime individually, this will cause issues with AniList.

Known Issues:


Advertisements on 3rd party video streams have not been completely removed so far, but we are working to remove them. Currently, they show up rarely, but if they do, they will not lead to other sites. You should be able to hit the "X" mark to close them without issues. This is probably one of the most annoying issue with the app right now, but attempting to remove the advertisements from these 3rd party videos is hard, since it's how the 3rd party hosts make money, so they make sure nobody can remove the ads.

Other News:

If you're emulating the app we 100% do not support it or any issues that follow by doing so.
We have also been getting multiple requests to deactivate/disable/delete user accounts, we do not do this as we operate in a country that does not have to comply with account privacy regulations per California state or other European countries. We will not do it.


AnimeFlix has been shut down for the time being due to being contacted via non-business contact forms by both CloudFlare and our Server Provider to "Cease and Desist". The downtime length is unknown but it's very likely that it'll never return.

No Episodes? Nani‽‽

If you come across any series on the site that displays no episodes, that means that the series was only ever available on the now dead AUEngine video player.

Please head to the Anime Requests page to request the series be readded by one of our staff members!

For why AUE went offline, please read the previous news posts.

We have also heard some conversations about users not having a good privacy browser or vpn well here's a recommendation from us:
Browser: [CLICK HERE] Brave Browser