AUEngine update

By u/Xythar - 6 months ago

Huge announcement to make regarding AUEngine.

On August 1, AUEngine will cease to function. At least not directly accessible by users. This is because Google has detected a bug in their billing system that we've been abusing for quite a while now.

For almost a year we've been getting billed for only $220+ (All costs are displayed in US Dollar)

while the true cost is:

AUEngine True Cost

What we're going to do next is to keep our Google Cloud Storage private (for archive purposes) and then deploy streaming servers which will replace Google Cloud in the front

This means AUEngine will not be as fast as before because we have limited streaming servers (compared to letting users directly accessing videos from google which has infinite number of servers)

This will be worked on in the coming days by the Dev.

Due to this huge change, AUEngine's survival will depend SOLELY on the ad revenue and the generous donations from our community.

You can help by donating to our patreon:

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