Community section update

By u/Xythar - 6 months ago

The community section is gonna be depreciated so for site related issues drop by in our discord.

[CLICK HERE] AnimeUltima Official Discord

Always check and monitor #announcements channel to stay up to date with all latest site news, issues and fixes.
We strongly recommend joining the discord to stay updated with all news, issues and fixes as well the best place to contact staff.

Next order of business, a little reminder to everyone

No advertising, self promotion, referral links, or server invites. NO MENTIONS OR LINKING TO OTHER ANIME SITES OR APPS.

This will warrant an immediate ban from the website and/or discord server, just don't do it.

We have also heard some conversations about users not having a good privacy browser or vpn well here's a recommendation from us:
Browser: [CLICK HERE] Brave Browser