Donations and notification system update

By u/MeowMix - 1 year ago

We are a small community that is in constant need of help and in order to get through our plans in the next half of 2019, we are asking for your help. If you like what we do and would love to support us, please consider donating. As a token of appreciation, here are some perks available to supporters:

  • No advertisements
  • Unlimited anime requests
  • Direct downloads for AUEngine
  • Colored nickname on comments and profile + badge
  • Special access to premium-only discord channel
  • Colored nickname on animeflix chat* (coming soon)
  • Priority support on anime request
  • E-mail notifications on shows you follow
  • SMS notifications on shows you follow
  • Priority support on broken video reports


We are constantly evolving and adding new features and technologies to the site and our goal has always been to offer a great and unique service to our users. New features that we're adding costs money and believe me, the lonely single ad on the right side (which most of you block anyway) isn't helping us pay for our monthly expenses - let alone add more features that costs money. It was a hard decision to ask for donations, but in order to pursue and add the stuff that we think you might find useful, we would need your help.

Notifications update

We've removed e-mail notifications to regular members. This decision is because of the provider that we are using (free account) has 1,000 daily email limit and serving you all is impossible. It has also been affecting the e-mail verification process for new users so we decided to offer this feature as a perk to supporters.

We are also adding SMS notifications which you can easily toggle on your control panel. This enables you to receive updates whenever a new episode is released for an anime that you follow.

Direct Downloads

Additionally, a download feature has been added and is currently in beta phase available only to supporters but will eventually be accessible to all registered users.

Anime Request Update

Anime request limit has been reduced to 1 per user per week. As you can see, it is pretty hard for us to do all requests due to shortage of volunteers.