Minor update - Sub/Dub tagging

By u/MeowMix - 2 years ago

We've implemented a minor feature today that fully enables us to group together the same anime regardless of the video type (subtitled or dubbed). Now you can switch between these versions easily.

Taken from Overlord II Anime page.
A Sub/Dub column will be shown if the show has a dubbed version available. Screenshot from Overlord II Anime

Clicking the dub icon will take you to the dubbed version of the episode, and vice versa. All anime shows on AnimeUltima are subtitled and defaults to the subbed version when clicking the title link.

Dubbed versions will have the title bar in bright red to indicate that its a dubbed episode.

Subtitled version.

  Easily switch between dub and subbed versions by selecting any of the video mirrors below the main video.
That's all there's to it. If you have any suggestions regarding the site please feel free to drop us a message. Seriously, we read them.